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compost heartThe GreenThumb Original!


Our time tested system allows you to choose the best system for your own house. We’ll show you all the possible variables so you are set and satisfied. Join CompoSTARS around Austin who are making their leftovers into resources, jobs and an organic local economy.

Show your neighbors your Organic Thumbprint and get started today!!




I. Residential Service Area

A. Are you in our service area? >>

II. Payment

C.1. How we bill you

C.1.a) To keep your cost low, we currently only bill CompoSTARS via email.

C.1.b) We currently bill in arrears so that you are sure that we provide the correct service before you pay.

C.2. How to submit payment

C.2.a) By credit card HERE

C.2.b) By check, money order, etc to:

GreenThumb Compost LLC
c/o Accounts Payable
PO Box 41539
Austin, TX 78704


C.2.c) Automatic Monthly, Quarterly, or Yearly Payments by Credit Card - Call us to set this up


C.3. Fee Schedule and Amount Owed 

C.3.a) Your monthly amount owed is based on your options selected.

C.3.b) Plus extra services, such as electronics collection.

C.3.c) Your one-time refundable bucket deposit.

C.3.d) This is a non-taxable service

C.3.e) Minus your discounts and credits

C.3.f) Fees and Fines  >>

C.3.f.1) Set up charge - $0.00

C.3.f.2) Cancellation charge - $0.00

C.3.f.3) Change of Address Fee - $0.00

C.3.f.4) Late payment fee - $0.00

C.3.f.5) Hidden Charges – Nope. If it isn’t here, you don’t have to pay it.

C.3.f.6) We are considering a credit card convenience fee or raising our rates and offering a discount for payment by check, cash, etc. Most likely $1.00 per month

C.3.f.7) Bounced Check Fee – You are liable for whatever the bank charges us.

C.3.f.8) Failed Credit Card Transaction - You are liable for whatever the bank charges us.

C.3.g) Privacy Policy

C.3.g.1) Click Here to read our privacy policy

III. Bucket Deposit

A. Buckets require a one-time refundable deposit of $8.00 >>

IV. List of Compostable Items


A.1. This list will be available soon. It will be limited to only USDA Certified Organic vegetables and other foods of similiar standards.

A.2. Out of respect to organic farms, we have a three strikes and you're out policy.

A.3. GoldSTAR Compostables List

B. Veggie Category

B.1. This is our standard list of accepted compostables

B.2. List of Compostable Items

C. All Food - Meat Included

C.1. Basically our standard list plus animal food products and all other edible food items >>

C.1.a) All Food List

Click here for a detailed listing of our options.



All rates below are monthly. These rates do not apply to residents of apartments.


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