Our Mission

  • Provide Environmentally Conscious Services
  • Build a Better Future
  • Make Organic Food Affordable
  • Make Sustainability Simple
  • Eliminate Waste
  • Create and Innovate New Solutions
  • Redirect 1+ Million Pounds of Material per Year

Getting Started!

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GreenThumb Provides:

  • Customized Recycling and Composting Services Designed for Your Needs
  • Educational Materials and Training for Residents and Staff
  • Receptacle Washing and Sanitary Service
  • All at Competitive Rates

You could be composting with us and making a difference in your environment as soon as your next trash day!

Why Compost with Us?

  • Redirect 1000 Pounds from your Home this Year
  • Hassle Free Service
  • Unlimited Options
  • Enjoy Sustainability!
  • Highest & Best-Use Products
  • Catalyst for Tangible Results
  • Support Efficiency in Waste Management

Youtube Channel

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