Commercial Services

mushroomsGreenThumb provides your business with a convenient, cost-efficient program for your individual COMPOSTING and RECYCLING needs. We work alongside you to determine the ideal system for your location with multiple waste audits. We provide the necessary bins and dumpsters for you and will help you select your best option.

Get started today! Create local jobs and prevent waste!

You can expect to pay $17.50 for the first barrel that we collect. This rate is an average. It may potentially be a few dollars less or a few dollars more depending on your location and situation.

Additional barrels and recycling barrels are discounted after the first barrel. -As low as $4.00/barrel-

Barrels are 55 gallons in volume.

Barrels are washed each week. They have sealed and locking lids to prevent smell, rodents, and insects.


You will also need to pay for barrel deposits. Pay here.


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