Overview of our Pickup Services

trash cans at curbHouseholds

The GreenThumb Original!

  • Upon sign-up,you will receive a 5 gallon lidded container with instructions on how to use the service that outlines what items can be composted.
  • You fill the container with your kitchen scraps and food throughout the week.
  • We pick up from your home every week on your trash day. Just place your bucket outside the night before trash day, and all your compostable material is gone by the morning.


  • The service costs between $6 and $12 per month depending on your service options.

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Multi-Family Residences and Apartments

Whether you are a resident, an apartment manager, or a memeber of a HOA, we have the solution to your composting and recycling needs!

Apartment residents make up a huge percentage of our population, and currently almost non of them are composting! We work with both management as well as residents to tailor a service that best fits your unique needs. We provide your property with multiple waste audits, educational workshops and materials for residents, reliable service, and face to face support around the clock.

Finally you can provide your tenants and neighbors with the sustainable lifestyle they are looking for.

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GreenThumb provides your business with a convenient, cost-efficient program for your individual composting and recycling needs that will keep you at the cutting edge of sustainability without increasing your waste disposal costs! We work with you to determine the ideal system for your individual business needs. Apart from regular compost pickup, our service includes multiple waste audits, instructional workshops and materials for your employees, and all the necessary bins and dumpsters to get you started.

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Hassle free service at a cheap rate to help make any event a success!  Consider us a one stop shop; not only will we do the composting for your event, but we will take care of trash and recycling, too!  Just give us a call and consider it done.  Make your next event environmentally friendly from start to finish with GreenThumb!

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