Reasons for Composting

tulipsComposting Conserves our Resources while keeping our Environment Clean!

Conserving Soil and Water

Due to our “American Dream” landscaping, we have created properties that have high soil loss rates. Each plant has a different root structure that either retains soil or allows water or wind to take it away. Let’s use compost to help retain our soils. Compost applied to a landscape will reduce evaporation, retain water due to particle size, and lower soil temperature. That means you can use less water with the same results!


Reduce Landfill Size and Capacity

Our local landfill will soon be the highest point in Austin.  By composting our resources into new organic products we will be drastically reducing the rate of landfill growth.

Waste VS Resources

About 33% of the 'waste' coming out of the average American household can be composted.  Currently, we are letting much of those resources go to waste and shipping them off to a landfill where they will only rot and produce huge amounts of smelly methane gas.  Composting is the process of transforming our organic discards into a fertile and valuable resource desperately needed by our lawns and gardens.

Composting Improves the Quality of our Resources

Soil Chemistry

Austin, Texas is mostly located on a big hunk of limestone. The A-Horizon is basically the surface of our town. Thus, we have basic (pH) soil. Depending on the plants that people would like to grow, they may or may not be able to thrive in this basic soil.  Also, Austin soil lacks the micro nutrients necessary to produce GREAT tasting and nutritious food plants.  Composting improves soil nutrients.

Water Quality 

Chemical fertilizers contribute to the growth of algae blooms and affect the chemistry/biology of our streams, rivers, and lakes. Particularly in Austin, our aquifer and springs are EXTREMELY valuable and are inhabited by endangered animals.

Quality of Locally Grown Food 

 Much of our current food is grown by factory farms.  In Austin there is a LARGE community of folks devoted to feeding our citizens what they SHOULD be eating. High quality organic compost will help us to grow more healthy food locally at a cheaper price.

 It also helps to maintain a clean air supply!