Q. Where do I leave the bucket during the week?

You can keep your bucket in the corner of your kitchen or on your porch. 

Q. I know that compost piles attract pests, how will you keep them out?

Our buckets come with a sealable lid that keeps pests, household pets, and small children out while keeping odors in.

Q. Can I put this in the bucket?

If an item is not on the List of Compostable Items, put it in the trash for now. Feel free to Email us with any composting questions. We are creating the healthiest organic fertilizer and quality control is a top priority. 

Q. Can I put food scraps with my grass and leaves?

Please place food scraps in the bucket. If you exceed the bucket's limits, just place a separate plastic bag with the bucket. We will not charge for this collection. We understand that the first few months is a learning experience!

Q. What if I go out of town?

Contact us and let us know! We will put a hold on your service if you are going to be out of town for THREE WEEKS (3 collections) or more.

Q.   Where do I put leaves and grass?

These go into lawn and leaf bags that are picked up by the city. You do not need to take up bucket space with them. 

Q. Can I try the service out for a month, or do I have to sign up for a whole year?

We have absolutely No long term comittments! Feel free to try us out for a month and pay as you go.

Q. How do I cancel the service if I am not happy with it?

Cancelation is quick and pain free. Just fill out this form!

Q. I've got flies and maggots in my bucket!! What do I do now?

 You can find several easy solutions here!