Our Causes

Low Energy Website

Visit: http://www.blackle.com/


Electronic Waste

We want electronics, which contain many rare elements/metals, to be recycled HERE in America and not shipped overseas. We support companies who keep thier employees safe and keep that metallurgic value here. Most importantly, the toxins contained in electronics will not be released into our air and water.






Hazardous Waste

There is a place for everything, but much of the time, some things do not get to thier place.

We need some time to grow before offering this service.


Stop The Junk Mail!!

Advertising is necessary and informative. However, you may not have a need for the same junk EVERY DAY!!  More than 109,000,000,000 pieces of junk mail are delivered each year.

Hire us and we'll stop your junk mail, save trees and prevent all that wasted energy of bringing you something that you do not want. (And you're just going to throw it out to be recycled or trashed)